The Creativity Deck

It’s time to break through all the Stuck-ness and get CREATIVE!

99 cards, printable backgrounds, full user’s guide, and a whole lot of fun for $19.99.

What IS this thing?

The CREATIVITY DECK is for creative artists and writers who want to have a little fun with getting UNSTUCK.

We all have those times, you know.  Those ones where something isn’t working, or nothing seems fun, and that thing we’re working on starts to look like a big hairy monster with razor-sharp teeth and a taste for Inspiration.  He’s clearly kidnapped your Muse and left you with glue on your fingers (and probably in your hair) and a big, fat lot of nothing to show for it….and no idea what to do to move forward.

Or we’re just bored stiff and all the usual things aren’t working.  We cultivate a serious need  to go do the laundry, because it’s way more interesting than staring at the blank page and wishing something would happen.

It’s time to kick the Inspiration-Eating Monster to the curb.

All you have to do is randomly draw a card (or two, or three) and do what it says.  There’s a PDF booklet with them that gives explanations and examples for each card, and leaves it totally up to you as to how to interpret that prompt.  (Non-traditional interpretations are enthusiastically encouraged.)

No monster stands a chance!

(except the good ones.)

The whole thing is printable and customizable, too.

There’s a TON of stuff with this deck.  Maybe not a ton, actually, since paper doesn’t weigh much, but a whole heaping lot, for sure.  You’ll get:

  • 99 full-color cards, ready to be printed, cut out, and used heavily.
  • a complete guide to all the card explanations and ideas for interpretation for them.
  • ten (!!)  background options for the backs of the cards (in .jpg form, so you can further customize them if you’d like.)
  • a template for a printable box to keep your cards in when not in use (in both decorated and undecorated form)

It’s like a creative whack upside the head for that Inspiration-Eating Monster, for sure.

All the cards are made to be modifiable to whatever medium you’re using (visual arts, music, writing, random interpretive dance, etc.), and can be combined with each other if you’re looking for even more  of a challenge.

That’s literally nine thousand, seven hundred and two possible combinations from ONE DECK.

(We think.  The Artist is not so good at math.)

The Artist’s been starting her day by picking a card every morning for quite some time now, and even on days she’s NOT stuck, the practice has led her in some unexpected ways.  And you know, those unexpected ways are where all the good stuff is.

Come get the good stuff.  It’s less than twenty bucks.  (Yes, really.)

The CREATIVITY DECK is only $19.99 for the whole shebang.  That’s less than twenty cents a card.  (Or, if you want to look at combinations, a fraction of a cent apiece.)  Your link’s delivered immediately, so there’s no waiting.  And you can print it out as many times as you’d like, so you can have backups in all your to-go bags.

You’ll never be stuck again.


Early response to the deck has started to come in!

I own every creativity book/product known to man, but I have never seen anything like the Creativity Deck. Ideas I didn’t even know I had were sparked! Run, don’t walk, to get your set.

-Andrea Stern, of the amazing AndreaSternArt fame

You. are a genius.

– the awesome Effy Wild, of the wildly popular Book of Days.


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