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If you’ve been at it for a while, you already know what I’m talking about:  those times when you look longingly at your books filled with magic and color and sparkles, and all the assembled gel mediums and pens as far as the eye can see — and there’s just….nothing.  No spark.

Maybe you really WANT to journal for a while (or you’re just starting out), but everything you do is either a) exactly like the thing you did before because you’re in a rut, or b) you just have no idea what you want to do.  All the prompts in the world are on The Google, and NONE of them look half as exciting as the prospect of flopping down on the couch and watching Jersey Shore reruns until you can actually hear your own brain cells atrophying.  (It sounds a little like half-hearted popcorn in your head.)

That’s when it’s time to pony up with some new inspiration.

And that’s where the Observation Journalling Workshop can help.

During one of those dry spells in 2003, the Artist, not having access to the Jersey Shore (thankfullly), decided to look at things with some BRAND NEW EYES.  She started doing what you did in 2002, before the age of Kindles and Tivos and flying cars.  (Okay, fine, we still don’t have those, but not for lack of wanting.)

She read books, and looked for a brand new perspective with which to see the world.

What she came up with, back in the way-back, was a six-week e-course that covered a whole lot of ground — different realms of Seeing, ranging from the physical world, to the mental one, emotional bodies full of passion to the symbolic world of the subconscious, all the way to the very core of the Perception Onion — the universal view– and a way to wrap it all up and integrate it all together.

It was meant (and still is meant) to bring your thinking from where it was (stuck) to a new place of POSSIBILITY — where everything is inspiring, because you’re looking at it in a whole new way.

Just take a look at what’s inside here:

That’s a whole lotta ground to cover!  And a WHOLE LOT of keeping a journal or visual diary!

Every chapter is done in an interactive style.  That means that, in addition to information and a lesson, there’s also a TON of interactive worksheets that you can either print and use as-is, or copy into your journal and use as the basis for an art journal entry.  There are some longer-term assignments, too, that you can do over time (or all at once, really…the Monsters aren’t picky), that help you understand not just yourself but the world around you.

Speaking of a whole lot to go over:  While the original course was done over six pretty-intense weeks, this new and updated version is meant to be done at your own pace.  Which is a good thing, since there’s a lot of new stuff, and what was already a pretty intense six weeks of journalling might end up being just a little overwhelming to some folks.  (Or, if you’re a jackrabbit, you can probably do most of it in a long weekend, but the Monsters would  like to state for the record that, if you do so, we are not responsible for your art fingers falling clean off.  It hasn’t happened yet, but Bertha, our law monster, wanted us to be covered in any contingency.  She’s a stickler, that one.)

Every chapter builds on the one before, if you choose to do them in order — they peel back the layers of perception like an onion until you’re at the very center of you and of Seeing.

It is, in a word, kind of awesome.

All six weeks come to you in an easy-to-print PDF e-book so you can look at it straight online or print off the parts you want to be mobile.

Ready to pick up your copy?

But that’s not all you get with this brand-new workshop edition, either.

Neither the Artist nor the Monsters would be happy unless we stuck some other stuff in there for you, too.  There’s a couple of rockin’ bonuses you get with the Observation Journalling Workshop that make it even better, expanding on a few of the things we talk about in those weekly chapters.

Like this:

You’ll learn how to make your very own INSPIRATION PROMPT BOX (with a single piece of 12 x 12″ scrapbooking paper).  There are SIX WEEKS of prompts included, too, that  you just cut apart and fill your box with when you’re done.  In addition, there’s a printable sheet of BLANK prompts that you can fill in with interesting ones you find or dream up all on your own.  You’ll never have to feel like you have nothing to write about ever again, if you keep that sucker full.

(One small disclaimer:  the Artist would like to mention that this is her first time making a video, and while a couple of total strangers that she roped into watching and following along were able to do the project just fine, she may be replacing this one with something a little more…uh…suck-free later on.  It’s not bad for a first attempt, though, and does the job of getting your box made.  Next stop: the Oscars!  Ahem.)

And then there’s this bit of awesome, too:

A bunch of hand-drawn elements for collage that you can print out, cut out, and stick right down in your pages.  There’s frames, swirly bits, some elements and flowers, and even some words to cut out and use when you need a little headline for what you’re doing.  You can even cut them apart and make your own, brand new, elements out of what’s already there by putting them together in brand new ways…because that’s what creativity IS, boyhowdy.

There’s also a private Flickr group just for Workshop participants and the promise that if we update this with more yummy stuff in the future, you’ll be first on the list to get the updates for free.

(And possibly a few little extra bits that we don’t even mention here.  The Monsters are ALL ABOUT the surprises, you know.)

So how do I get this bit of creative inspiration?

The whole kit, for all six lessons, the bonus prompt box video and six weeks’ worth of prompts, access to the group Flickr Pool, AND the digital collage sheets is just $40 right now.  When the Artist gets settled in in her new mountain cabin, that price is going to go up, but for now, you get it for the 2002 price.  (What else out there can you get for the same price it was in 2002??  Gum, maybe?  THIS IS MORE INSPIRING, we promise.)

Spend your next six weeks getting brand new eyes!

$40 USD

Can’t wait until you come play with us!

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