How often do you go to call your Muse, only to find she’s run off to Tahiti with a giant bunny named Fred?

(Maybe that’s just me.  Let me try this again.)

How would you like to spend almost ten weeks hanging out with the Nine Muses in a Muse Garden of your own making, connecting with each of them in-depth and building a wicked-cool book of inspiration and deck of Muse Cards in the process?

(Bunnies are optional.)

I may be a little biased, but I think MUSE*OLOGY is kind of awesome.  

It was originally an email class in 2002 that’s been completely rewritten, reformatted, expanded and made spiffier for 2012.  Every week, there are projects and activities related to one of the Muses to help you connect with that particular Muse’s vibe, so to speak.

Here’s what you get with MUSE*OLOGY:

  • nearly ten weeks of daily entries on an easy-to-navigate private blog (6 days of projects, one day off)
  • an introduction to each of the nine Muses, an instructions on making her Muse Card
  • (Which means, at the end of the class, you have a completely custom Muse Deck.)
  • instructions for creating — and filling — a Book of Inspiration  to hold all your muse-play
  • a printable PDF at the end of class with all the daily lessons included, so you can go back and play (or catch up with no pressure).

Not too shabby, huh?  The Muses would be proud.

But, but, but…I don’t have time everyday, you might be saying.

I totally get that.  That’s why there’s no deadline, no expiration date, and no pressure. Each of the daily lessons are fairly short (other than the first one, which is a little longer since it gives all the history), and the projects are meant to be small, fun affairs.  A few are a little more in-depth, but even those have options for doing things a little scaled-back if you have less time.

The next question is inevitably this one:  So how soon do I have to sell my kidneys to pay for this thing?

To which we say, keep your kidneys.  (Both, if you have them.)


Yep.  Read it right.  Eight bucks.  Less than it costs to buy a pound of good coffee (or two caramel macchiatos) will get you all ten weeks of class.

Not even kidding.



Once you’ve checked out, you’ll be brought back here, to, for a very important note.  Please please please make sure you click the bit that brings you back, or the Muses will run off with Fred.

Access begins nearly immediately (within an hour or so, in most cases) and your email with your access password and super-sekrit URL will arrive then.  Then, every morning, come back and check for the day’s Musing  so you can be inspired all day long. It’s easy!

Can’t wait to see you ’round the Muse Garden!

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