Want to supercharge your creativity?

The monster’s have got you covered.  Whether you’re looking for ongoing creative lightning bolts or to delve deep into your creative journalkeeping flow, we’ve got self-paced classes and fun, inspiring Stuff for you to play with and use.

(It’s the stuff the Artist uses for her own art playtime, in fact.)


BRAND NEW 9-16-12

This is an amazing ten-week romp through the Sacred Muse Gardens, communing with the nine classical Muses.  You build a Muse Deck, make a Book of Inspiration and then fill that sucker with daily projects and activities all based around that week’s Muse.  (Originally ran in 2002, has been 100% rewritten and updated…and expanded for even more muse-y fun.)

See more about the class here.




The Creativity Deck

It’s kind of revolutionary.  Print out the 99 creativity cards and any time you get stuck (or need to start) on a creative project…voila!  Instant inspiration and a new direction in which to move.  It’s like prompts, but more.  Check it out.


Observation Journaling Self-Guided Workshop Intensive

This class is, frankly, awesome.  It peels back the layers of your own seeing, layer by layer, like an onion, and translates those into a journal you’ll love to work on every day.  It was originally a six-week online class, and in the self-paced version, you can take as much time as you want with each layer.  There are multiple projects, prompts, and creative activities for each chapter — all made to help you not just journal, but journal deep.  Get your copy today.

be*mused e-playbook cover

The World-Famous be*MUSE*d Playbook

Way back when, the Artist used to do a monthly snail mail newsletter, all chock-full of info, articles, illustrations, resources, and playsheets.  It was like a mini-shot of pure adrenaline for the creative mind every month.  In 2011, we put ALL the old issues together with some brand new stuff, and made it available again for the first time since 2003.  It’s more than three hundred pages of creative glee.  You can have a copy, too.


Printable Digital Creativity Kits
(easy page of links, coming asap.)
You don’t have to be a digital scrapbooker to have fun with the creativity kits, by the way.  They’re for scrapbookers, art journallers, paper crafters, hybrid artists, mixed-media people, or just folks that want to be able to print things out again and again.  The Organization Monsters are scurrying around to get all the varied kits in one place, and we’ll have them here for you just as soon as they can dig out from under the pile of scrap papers and snippets of washi tape.



You didn’t think that was all, did you?  (We’re nothing if not industrious around here.  Despite the fact that the Monsters often have to prod the Artist away from reruns of the Greatest American Hero to do some actual work.  Beeeeeelieve it or not, I’m walking on air, I never thought I could feel so freeeeeeeeeee…… Ahem.)

Some of the things we’ve got on the list include:

Fantastic Journeys:
Formerly an online class, the Artist is chuffed about turning this into an actual bookybook.  It’s all about creating your own imaginary world and using that world as the inspiration station for your very own artwork.  There’s a Facebook group about it right now, and the Artist is working on revamping all the old stuff to bring in all the brand new resources and fun stuff that are out there now, and adding a ton of new stuff that wasn’t in the original class.  (Isn’t new technology awesome?)

The Artist’s Tarot
Another former online class in the early ’00’s, this one takes a look at the universal symbolism in the tarot and works through each card in the Major Arcana, using its theme to make brand new artwork.  No particular belief system required, and you come away with both your very own universal symbolism deck and some awesome artwork/journaling.  Rock on.

A whole TON of weekend workshops.
Seriously.  A. Ton.  Some people have mentioned that the classes here at Wishkeepers are intense.  Like really intense.  With a whole lot of exercises and prompts and artwork and great big giant projects that are loads of fun to work on…but take a big ol’ time commitment.  Which they do, since the Artist believes strongly in bang for the buck.  Some folks, though, only have a weekend here and there.  They wanted smaller bits that they could do, start-to-finish, in a shorter period of time.  We get that.

So, in 2013, we’re planning a veritable slew of Awesomesauce, all in small brown paper bag-sized chunks that you can play with in a weekend.  It’s going to be loads of fun, and still have bang for your buck.  Stay tuned.

And much, much more.
The list of stuff we want to do is huge.  No, really.  HUGE, huge.  A whole class based on Practical Magic.  Another 12 creativity kits.  A deck of cards project based on your own personal Stuff.  Merit badges and regular newsletters and the first Creativity Deck expansion pack and a mail art collective.  The ideas just swirl around here like a hurricane sometimes.

So don’t go anywhere — we’ve got more inspiration than a barrel full of art supplies. :)


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