Got something awesome you think the monster crew would adore?

Wishkeepers Creativity Collective covers a pretty large range of alternative arts  and general art-journal focused creativity.  Readers have told us that they do all kinds of crazy things with paper  — digital hybrid scrapbooking, altered books, art journaling, smashbooking, assemblage arts.  Essentially, you name it, we’re probably interested in it.

The newsletter goes out to just about a thousand folks, and more are finding us every day.

Think your thing might be just what our readers would totally want to know about?  Read on.

Right now, we’ve got two action-packed offers for you.

Both are located in the right sidebar, which all the fancypants marketeers say is the first place people look after your banner, if you’re into that fancypants marketeer stuff.

One Featured Sponsor – $25

This is up at the top of the sidebar, above the proverbial “fold”.  It includes all kinds of promotion, too.  Facebook, a blog post about your stuff, pinterest pins, a link in each newsletter, and the option of an interview or sponsored project.  If your product is something the WCC’ers would dig, we’ll even host a giveaway and/or give you a guest blog spot.  You’re essentially creative royalty (and an honorary monster) for the month you’re sponsoring.

Up to six Supporting Sponsors – $20

You’re still royalty, just a bit further removed from the Queen.  Think “Duke” or “Earl” instead of “Grand High Poo-bah”.  There’ll be a monthly sponsor round-up for the gentry, social media support, and you also have the option to do a discount code/giveaway, if you choose.  We’d love to show the Collective what you’ve got for them.

Who we love:

If you’ve got a creative Thing, we’re probably interested in letting folks know.  This includes:

  • Creative/Art blogs
  • Awesome e-Courses or e-Books
  • Coaches for artists and creatives
  • Communities that support an artist’s soul
  • Makers of supplies and papers
  • Creators of stuffs that make the imagination go POW!

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