Who We Are

Inside a magical cottage located in the heart of the Great Plains, the artist works away at her notebook with an attending group of tiny monsters.  Not only do they keep her company, these monsters, but they also perform very valuable services around the studio.

Soon(ish), we’ll list them here in an attempt to keep them from eating us.  (Or just nibbling our toes while we sleep.  It incites very interesting dreams when they do that.)

Wishkeepers Creativity Collective is about getting creative with it all.

In your journals, in your scrapbooks, in your life.

We make stuff that makes you more creative and inspired.

(That’s our goal, at least.)

Maybe even a little more motivated, too, so you feel all pumped up and excited about getting out of the chair, turning off the computer screen, and making stuff. 

We’re also all about the tools.

If we had a Monster Manifesto, it’d totally say something about not needing anything more than a pen and a flat surface to make stunningly awesome art.  Because, really, the biggest, baddest tool is you and your amazing brain.

We’d also say that even crows use tools.  (They totally do!  Smart birds, those.)  And otters, too.  And you’re much smarter than most otters, so you probably know that sometimes, having tools and resources and a stack of fun stuff from which to draw can be a tremendously good thing.

So we’re making the tools to make you awesomer.

Things like:

  • Classes and workshops, some based on techniques, some based on themes of creation — all to get your mind going in brand new directions.
  • Downloadable bits of monsterous coolness.  Things like digital elements, paper designs, and even full digital “scrapbooking” kits, which aren’t really just for scrapbookers.  (Thus, the air quotes.)  They’re for art journalers and cardmakers and ATCers and bookbinders.  They’re CREATIVITY kits, not just SCRAPBOOKING kits.
  • Uber-amazingly useful tools for whack-upside-the-headness when you’re stuck or want inspiration.  The Creativity Deck, for instance, which is a one-way ticket out of Stucksville, first class.

We’re also here to have a little fun.

Because without fun?  What’s the point?



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