Autumn 12: Longer Nights

by The Artist on October 15, 2012

I have to admit something here.

One of the few things I’m “meh” about, in regards to Autumn, is the fact that the longer days are slowly sliding toward longer nights and less sun.  I don’t mind the grey days, or the rain, or the sometimes-frosty night hours.  But since I’m really affected by the light of day, I get lethargic, like a bear who really wants a nice cave for several months.

On the plus side, it means cozier times.

I’ll admit that, too.  I do love a blanket and the quiet of night with a good book and sleeping dogs.  I just wish there was a little less of it.

Today, write about the longer night-times.

Do you notice them?  How can you tell we’re moving into the shorter-days period of the year?  What do you do when it’s dark and chilly outside?

For my entry today, I had some supplies to play with.

In the whole spirit of using what you have, I grabbed the pot of black gesso.

Usually, I only use this for lettering and such, because when it says “black” on the label, it’s not kidding.  It’s black.  Like, opaque black.  Sucks all the light out of a room if you’re not careful, black.  But I’m out of the white and can’t get to the store for a week or so, so it seemed like as good a time as any to play with it as an actual base.

Also on-hand:

* I tried out some stencils I got from blitsy with some Dyelusions spray inks when they first arrived.  I’d sprayed stars and such on several random pages (you’ll see more later on, in fact), and finally hit one of the testing pages today.  The stars fit with the whole night-time theme, so I left them and just painted around them roughly with the gesso.

*  I also tried out some iridescent medium that I picked up on a whim once.  I love the look of jaquard’s “Lumiere” paints, but mine dried up long ago, and I thought this might give me a similar look.  And I’m pleased to report that it definitely does.  Instead of mixing it with the pigment, I just put a thin layer over the gesso, and while you can’t see it well in the picture, when you hold the page at an angle, it completely shimmers and looks like a million semi-metallic stars.  I’ll be using it again, for sure.

Everything else was either sharpie or washi tape (to bring some of the color over on top of part of the page that ripped when blotting the iridescent medium — because there are no mistakes in journaling), and a white-out pen for the thicker lines and dots.

So play with the long nights today.

(Or wait until it’s dark out, to stay in theme.)


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