Autumn 12: Putting Up

by The Artist on October 9, 2012

A whole lot of my day lately has been putting food in jars.

I just learned how to do the whole canning thing, and it’s rare that my evenings (and mornings, and afternoons, to be honest) aren’t spent listening to the sound of boiling water in the canner or waiting for the jar lids to ‘ping’, indicating that they’re sealed.  I’m fascinated with the idea of being able to take all this stuff I grew this summer and keep it, so that in the dead of winter, I’ve still got vegetables straight from the garden waiting for my table.

(Including a whole lot of stuff being made with the two hundred pounds of green tomatoes that were picked last-minute before our first hard freeze a few days ago.  Yes, I said two hundred pounds. I don’t do things half-way, apparently.)

 Today’s prompt is inspired by that activity:  What do you want to “put up” for the winter?

Take it literally:  what are you preserving?  Are you also one of the crazy canner ladies with tomato goo in your hair and a shelf full of pretty produce in jars?  Draw it, or write about it, or take an inventory or take a picture.

Or take it metaphorically (like I did here):  What ideas or lessons or qualities do you want to keep, from this summer or this autumn, so that you can pull them out in the middle of winter and find them with fresh eyes?


For today’s prompt, I did a little jar-shaped pocket.

I painted in the background with acrylic and washed over it with ink, then drew the Mason jar on thin watercolor paper, and cut it out.  I glued down just the edges on three sides, and then made little slips of paper, each with a different autumn memory, idea, or lesson on its own slip.  When the jar dried, I tucked the slips “into” the jar/pocket, added some words, and went a little nuts with the watercolor crayons and oil pastels.

I plan on adding a few more slips (there are about eight right now), and I think it’ll be fun to flip through this book in the dead of winter and be reminded about all the things from autumn-time that I wanted to remember.  (Things like a description of the smell of the spent garden, an idea I had for a festival booth at the fall carnival, and the date of the last day I could comfortably go barefoot without my toes falling off.  That kind of thing.)

So think about it:  what are YOU putting up for the long winter ahead?

(sidenote, too, bee-tee-dubs:  I’ve got a very big Work Thing on Thursday.  So I may not get tomorrow and Thursday’s prompts edited in time to get them posted.  I’m going to try, but depending on how well the work-stuff is flowing, I may be pre-empted by Meeting.  I’ll try to still post the prompt, but it may not have pretty pictures for a bit.  Just wanted to let y’all know. :>)

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