Autumn 12: A Cuppa…

by The Artist on October 4, 2012

Sometimes, even when you start with one idea in mind, another thing altogether happens.

That’s what happened with today’s prompt.  I’d intended to talk about hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes, because you always know when it’s heading into deep fall because the Starbucks cups change over to the red holiday cups.

Yeah, um.

About that.

Confession time.

I don’t like hot chocolate.  And pumpkin spice lattes kind of make me gag.  I know people love them, and I *try* to like them, but I’m more of a chai/caramel macchiato/spiced cider gal, myself.  If I’m freezing, I get the cider so I can steal its warmth while it cools.  Everything else I drink iced, because hot stuff burns me in about a tenth of a second flat.

So I couldn’t really see doing a whole page about hot chocolate, and when I drew the cup, I kinda started doodling on it and realized it looked a whole lot like my graandma’s good china.  Which took me to thinking about how, on the weekend breaks from school, I’d go stay there sometimes, and we’d have coffee with the good china if it was too cold or rainy to go outside and play.

So the thing just up and morphed on me.

Which is the awesome thing about an art journal, really.  Whatever you make of a prompt, or a page, or an idea…it’s okay.  Things unfold as they should.  Instead of making some kind of homage to the red Starbucks cups, I had an hour of remembering pink floofy dresses and delicate china cups.

Which, let’s face it, is better.

Your prompt today is the same.

With the cooling-off temperatures, a cup of warm comfort’s on the menu.  What warms you up?

Feel free to go off on a tangent.

That’s what tangents are for.



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