Autumn 12: Fall Flowers

by The Artist on October 2, 2012

The things that bloom in Autumn are less showy than those that explode in the summer.

The character’s different.  Petals are fewer or thinner.  Stems are hardier, to stave off the frost for as long as they can.  They bloom quickly, pollinate fast, try to get it all in before the snow flies.

Around here, that means a lot of mums, a lot of goldenrod, and the last sunflowers of summer.

What’s blooming around you now?

If you’re in a city, look at your local florists’ shops.

Take just a moment to notice what’s different.


Apologies for being a day late — I scheduled this for next Monday instead of yesterday by accident.  So we’ll have just the three prompts and the weekend this week, but will be back to the full week again next week.  Technology, sheesh.  :)

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