Autumn 12: A Steaming Bowl of Love

by The Artist on September 20, 2012


It’s the little things that make the season.

Sure, the big stuff and the epic changes are fun, but it’s all the details that actually change — what we’re wearing, what we smell, what we’re eating.

In my house, we just plain ol’ don’t make a lot of soup in the summer.  I’m not sure why, since there are great chilled soups out there, but I never remember those until I’ve already made something else, it seems.  So the soup pot gets to live for most of the year with the winter woolens.

This past week, when the temperature dipped within ten degrees of freezing one night, the soup pot made its Autumn debut.

The soup bowls got used for their intended purpose.  And all the vegetables in the house got used up in one fell swoop.  (And we’ll be eating soup until December, because apparently, I haven’t quite figured out there’s only two humans in the house instead of an army.)

Today, commemorate your favorite Fall recipe.

Whether that’s soup or something else.  What do you make when Autumn rolls around?  Or if you’re not a cook, what do you eat that *other* people make in the fall?  What, when you smell it, do you know for sure is an indication that the seasons are actually changing?

My entry was super-simple today, too.

Drawing of my favorite all-time soup bowl.  (Of which there’s only one of the set left, because I’m a giant clutz.)  Ink and watercolor crayon background.  Sharpie and an inked index card stuck to one of the small pages, with the next page showing behind it  (unworked-on yet.  You’ll see it on Monday, finished.)

It’s messy and scrawly and perfectly fine the way it is.  (I’ll reiterate from before:  I like the grungy, messy, thrown-together pages.  The imperfections take off the pressure, and when viewed as a whole, later?  Most of them look better in retrospect anyway.  If it gets your hands dirty and your pens moving, it’s awesome.  Period.)

Now if I could just find a way to distribute this extra soup to everyone I know…

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