Autumn 12: Leaf Stamping

by The Artist on September 19, 2012

On another day, we’re going to do a bit of incorporating the fall foliage more directly into your A12 book.

But in a bit here, the lovely Miss Stormy offered to share with you how she makes her own stamps for her own journals, so we thought that might be a fun thing to incorporate into a page, too.

These are hand-carved leaf stamps from regular ol’ PZ-Kut  that I use for letterbox stamps.

They’re not at all hard to make, but they do take a little practice not to feel like you’re all thumbs.  The PZ-Kut is the best stuff I’ve ever found, by the way.  Sharper than the pink stuff you can find at craft stores, but soft enough that it’s not like trying to carve into lineoleum, and not grainy at all, like some can be.  (If you try a bunch of different kinds, you’ll find one that works best for you.  I like the softer, non-rubbery materials, but you can get much finer detail with the harder kinds, if they’re smooth.  It’s a trade-off.)

For today’s page, I didn’t really want words.  So I stamped with the hand-carved stamps with a water-soluble ink, then filled in most of the spaces with thin layers of gesso that mixed with the inks to make russet-tans and greys from the ink.  It was nice not to have to think about words for a change.

If you don’t want to “waste” good carving material on your attempts, or you’re on a budget, stay tuned for Stormy’s post today, all about DIYing your own stamps and ink from things you wouldn’t expect.

(And if you’ve got something you want to share with the Autumn 12 folks — drop me a comment or a note. I’d love to have your brilliant post here. The more the monsterer!…er…merrier.)

Quick note on the background, too:

Someone (me!) got a bunch of new spray inks this past week.  I’ve been using the heck out of the Ranger/Tim Holtz ones, and I finally got a chance to try the Dyelusions ones (the brownish red here) and some Glimmer Mist (the yellow and pinky color on this page).  They’re definitely different than the Ranger inks I’m used to, but still fun.  (For the record: the Dyelusions inks are very high-strike, meaning that when you spray them, that’s where they stay.  It’s a little less so if you spray them into a wet page, but still MUCH more than the Ranger.  And Glimmer Mist is sparkly and water-soluble.  Not as sparkly as I thought they’d be, but still sparkly, which you can’t see all that well in photos.)

On to Miss Stormy’s alternative stamping tutorial!

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