Autumn 12: Dressed for …Yeah, That.

by The Artist on September 18, 2012

I didn’t ever do a lot of traditional “back to school” shopping.

(Partially because we didn’t allocate a whole lot of cash for the activity every year, and partially because, inevitably, the millisecond I bought new clothes, I’d shoot up about three inches.  My exasperated parents were sure I did it on purpose.)

However, at the start of every school year, we did go get the basics:   a couple pairs of jeans, some shirts that didn’t look like they’d lived through a tomboy-ish summer, new socks, new squeaky shoes for gym class.

So instead of doing an entry about the kinds of things I’d buy for back-to-school, I went a little bit of a different route.

I cut out five or six representational outfits that I can remember (or ones that were close to the stuff I had, at least), glued them down to heavy cardstock, and wrote about each of them on the back.  Here’s a couple of them, for example:

(Now that the 80’s are all retro-chic, it was fairly easy to find pictures in catalogs.  Does this mean I’m vintage now?)

On the left side, I just taped down one side of the short-page flap to make a kind of band to hold all the not-quite-paper-dolls in place. It holds about five before getting a little to tight to fit more inside, but I think if I did multiple “bands” going across, I could fit a few more in each band.

Today, think about your back-to-school closet.

Were you a shopper?  Are there any years/items that stood out for you?  Or do a fantasy autumn wardrobe, if you’d rather skip the memory lane stuff altogether.

It’s all up to you.


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