Autumn 12: Migration

by The Artist on September 17, 2012

Already, we’ve been seeing the first signs:

Birds, in v-shaped formations, have been overhead from time to time, heading south for the winter, presumably to avoid the impending season of snow and ice.

Most of us can’t just pack up and fly south, but we can play with a little metaphor.

If you could send something away, even if just for the winter, what would it be?

Qualities, people, influences, activities — let your mind play with this a little.

This page started with a map of the USA and a chevron-shaped stamp.

It’s all pretty simple and straightforward.  A little collage, a little tape, a little label, a little sharpie.

Things don’t need to be complicated to get the point across. :)

Tomorrow, a closet, a doll, and a very big fish.

(well, maybe not the fish.)

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