Romancing the MUSE(s)

by The Artist on September 15, 2012

The Nine Muses, classically speaking, were pretty interesting ladies.

There was a Muse for everything.  Poetry (two kinds), song, comedy, tragedy.  Even a muse in charge of crows.  (I kid you not.)

They all had a different focus, but one, overarching intent:  to inspire.

As creative people, these are the ladies that hang out when we’re Making Stuff.

(And my particular muse, the Muse of Tacos and Small Monsters, is directly descended from these ladies, I believe.)

That’s why, after almost a decade, I decided to completely rework a class I used to teach, called MUSE*OLOGY.  Because we can ALL use a little inspiration, and why not draw that inspiration from the very best?

MUSE*OLOGY is a ten-week class that brings you into a Muse Garden of your own making, and walks through each Muse for a week.  Every day, there are emails with a prompt or activity relating to the weekly Muse’s sphere.  Over that ten weeks, you’ll make your very own Muse Deck and  a Book of Inspiration that we’ll fill up with all kinds of fun, simple projects that will connect you with the inspirational ladies and give you something to look back on when you’re feeling creatively needful.

Best of all, it’s only $8.00.

Eight bucks for almost ten full weeks of creativity, delivered right to your inbox.  (And a PDF at the end of all the emails compiled, in case you fall behind or want to print them for later.)

You can get more information about the class here, or jump straight to the garden with this handy-dandy paypal link.


Come play with us in the Muse Garden!

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