Autumn 12: My Favorite Subject

by The Artist on September 13, 2012

My favorite subjects, when I was still in school, varied from year to year.

Most years, it was English.  Sometimes it was history or government or business.  But I always had one or two standouts that were just fascinating to me.

This has continued, now that I’m older and no longer technically in school, per se.  Every year or two, something captures my attention and I have to learn more about it.  I buy (and read) stacks of books, visit websites and blogs, and watch everything I can find on it.  I learn.

Today’s topic is Your Favorite Subject.

Whether that’s one thing, one class you took in school, one influential teacher or book — anything that goes along with learning.  Interpret it at will.

My page today is kind of a mess.

(Then again, because my fascinations are kind of messy, it’s not that surprising.)

I just kept adding things until it felt “done” (inasmuch as anything’s ever really done).  Paint and ink and sharpies and a square bit of leftover stamp-carving material to make irregular squares — it all kind of looks like the inside of my head when I start thinking about all the things I’d like to learn before I run out of time.

So what about you?

What’s your favorite thing to learn about, either currently or historically?  What captures your attention?

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