Autumn 12: Bonfire

by The Artist on September 11, 2012

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a bonfire.

(I think I was always grounded by the time fall bonfire season kicked in.  Perils of being a rebellious teen.)

But I’ve always loved the idea of a bonfire party.  Whipping the team into a frenzy to pull out a homecoming victory, the smell of the woodsmoke and the orange-and-yellow flickering light, the nip in the air contrasted with the heat of the fire…

 Today, think about bonfires.

Go literal and talk about bonfires you’ve attended.  Or go abstract and talk about the burning away of old things.  Or, like me, talk about what you think a bonfire would be like.  (Or even write down a bunch of things you want to go away, and burn it, and use the ashes in your page.  Something.)


The techniques on this page were pretty simple.

Just watercolor and blank paper (which were sitting on my desk, so I used them, rather than go digging for the other supplies — I’m in a decluttering binge at the moment, so things are a bit disorganized).  An abstract fire.  A huge title, cut out.  Washi tape (always) in fiery colors and neutrals.  (To cover up the rulers at the edges of the page from yesterday.)

I like it because the title is huge and balances without being complicated.  I wrote all over the abstracted fire, so it acted as a journaling card/space, naturally.  But it keeps that feel of having a fire in the dark.

Try a big title on a spread when you’ve got a strong element on an opposite page — overlap it a little to keep the visual grouping, if you think it’ll be too bold.

(And if you hate it, you can always burn it and keep right with today’s theme…)

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