Autumn 12: The Absolute Best Thing About Fall

by The Artist on September 10, 2012

I know I can’t be alone here.

Judging from the way the bins at all the discount stores look right now, I know I can’t be the only one on the planet who can. not. wait. for all the school supplies to start being rolled out every year.  They’ve all been picked over, dug through, and some colors of notebooks are just plain gone already.  Seriously.

For me, it’s the best part of the year, in fact, as far as shopping goes.  All the piles of pristine blue-ruled notebooks and row after row of pens, highlighters in every color of the rainbow, erasers and tape and rulers and and and and…..

Yeah.  I’m addicted.

Today, I have a little challenge for you.

Take five bucks (or however much you can scrounge out of the couch cushions), and go buy some cheapie school supplies to use in your journal.  This past weekend at one of the office supply stores, I got a ruler for a nickel, a box of crayons, a pack of pencils, a pack of the awesome-for-carving white erasers, and some white glue…for just over five bucks, myself.  (And if you spent five, you got a free notebook.  bonus score. I also picked up some little boxes and two-for-a-quarter folders, but those weren’t technically “school supplies” — they were for work.  Boo.)

Grab things you wouldn’t think of using, and think of new ways to use them.

This entry uses everything I bought, in fact.

First, I made circles all over the spread with glue and let them dry.  I painted over everything but the part in the circle with cheapie acrylic and let that dry.  Then I colored in the circles with cheapie crayons (which didn’t cover very well, but left a nifty texture) and watercolored over them with ink.

I sharpened up the pencils, outlined the circles and wrote in all the things that make my brain go ‘splodey about back to school sales, and washi-taped the heck out of everything.

Once all of that was 100% dry, I cut the ruler in half.  Kind of.  Roughly.  You’d think with a ruler I’d be more even, but it was harder than I thought it’d be.  That plastic’s hard.  An X-Actoing and scissoring (and one frustrated break against a table edge) later, I stuck them down to the short-page on the right hand side, making it  bigger, and reinforced it front and back with masking tape and, of course, washi tape.

Then it was just about the journaling on a doodled journal card, and sticking down the page subject on the other side, written on notebook paper.  The smudginess at the bottom started out as the side of the eraser dipped in brown ink, but it was the wrong tone, so I evened it out a little and left it as-is.  Sometimes, enough’s just enough.

So dig through the couch cushions today.

Or, if you’ve already bought a bunch of back-to-school loveliness, use some of it for a non-school project.  What new uses for things can you come up with?


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