Autumn 12: In The Margins

by The Artist on September 6, 2012



People like to talk about beach reading in the summertime.

And I get that.  I totally do.

But for me, there’s no time like the first nips of Fall to curl up with a steaming mug of something, a warm pair of socks, and a book you can get lost in.  Gone are the days of light, summery fiction; it’s time to drag out the tomes that are a challenge.  The classics, the epics, or the essays with a hard-hitting lesson at the end.

Some of you might be back at school now.

You may even have a reading list already.

Today, though, look at the books you’ve loved.  The ones that influenced you.  The ones that you could read again and again.

What are they?  Pick one and talk about it, or make a whole list.  Draw your bookshelf or go sit in a bookstore to write.  Paste in your required reading list, or a list of the 100 classics you should read before you die.

Just celebrate the printed word today.  Autumn’s warm socks and comfy chairs await.

Techniqueybits for today’s journal entry:

Keeping with the theme of using just what’s on the desk, today’s entry was made with an illustration from an old book, some circles cut from decorative paper and kraft-paper stickers, cheapie acrylic paint, a wash of spray ink (washed instead of sprayed), and the ever-present washi tape of love.


Since that next page was a short one (every other page in this book is), it loaned itself well to being a pocket.

I folded it over the edge of the next page and taped it down on the backside, to be used later.

Then I just pasted down the images, painted around them, did a quickie ink wash over the paint to give it some depth, and wrote in the title with a brush (and outlined it in black gesso).

The red needed more…red.  So I made little washi-tape flags that came over the top of the page to hold the right side together.

The list is just an index card, blank, with titles and themes of books I absolutely adored on it.  Rather than just slip it in there, hidden, and having to dig it out of the envelope every time, I put a little matching washi-tape flag on the edge to grab and pull.  It’s mostly unseen — just a little shot of the red color — in the final page, but I know it’s there.

(To make the flag, just tear a piece of tape roughly twice the size you want the flag, stick it to the front side of the card, fold it over so it sticks to itself and the back of the card, and then cut the little “V” shape in it to make the flaggy bits.  Easy peasy.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week of Autumn 12 prompts.

There’s a weekend challenge for you tomorrow, and more prompts and pages for you on Monday.

Have some spiced cider and go jump in some leaves (if you have them yet)!

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