Autumn 12: Something More Comfortable

by The Artist on September 5, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a sweater girl.

From the sexy 1970’s burnt-orange turtleneck Garanimals to today’s cabled hand-knits, I’m always excited to see the first colder nights of Fall so I can dig out the stack of sweaters that have been way too hot to even look at all summer long.

I’ve probably owned a billion sweaters in my life.  (Okay, maybe not billions, but it feels that way sometimes.)  And when I look back on Autumns past, I can distinctly remember certain outfits for each “era” I’ve lived — from the corporate twinsets in college to the nifty black-and-white striped, off-the-shoulder Flashdance-inspired masterpiece.  (Note:  I did not say that these examples weren’t ill-advised, just that I remember them.  Ahem.)

So for today’s Autumn 12, I thought celebrating the sweater — a staple of any fall wardrobe — would be loads of fun.

Some technique notes:

1.  This page was the backside of the irregularly-small page from yesterday.  Like I said, having those short pages can be a fun challenge — it’s not like doing a two-page spread.  You can choose to either work in the page before it, keeping the same color themes or what-have-you, or to ignore it altogether (like I did here) and write it off to being an art journal that nobody’s going to really question.  (I’m fond of the messy, thrown-together look.  Feels more authentic and journal-like to me.  If it bothers your latent OCD, though, feel free to have it match, if you’ve got short or irregular pages.)

2.  The short page was left pretty much blank (no background image or painting), and I stuck on an index card that I stamped with some hand-carved stamps of leaves, and washi-ed up, and doodled all over.  Because a day without washi tape is a day I don’t want to be awake for.

3.  The other side of the spread was already pretty busy, visually, with the paper and the rub-ons, so rather than clutter it up further by writing on the page itself, I made a little minibook with the entries/drawings on them instead.  The minibook is tied to the page with pearl cotton, and I had to reinforce the backside of the page with a couple bits of cardstock that I stuck down with glue and some masking tape.  (You’ll see more of that tomorrow.)  I put one piece down, poked the needle through for the cotton, tied up the book (to make sure it would fit), and then put down a second piece, to cover the exposed thread and give it more strength.

4.  The minibook is just index cards, cut in half, and washi-taped together into a little accordian book. It has drawn and watercolored pictures of each of the sweaters, and a description of what and when it was.  Folded up, it slides right back into the ties.

This entry took me a little longer than the previous ones (of course), but it was loads of fun to do, and now, I want a whole stack of new sweaters for Fall. :)

Your assignment is to write about sweaters.

You certainly don’t have to go all crazypants and do affixed minibooks if you don’t have a lot of time, of course.  But today, think about sweaters you’ve known, or sweaters you’re dreaming of, or put in a collage of your sweaters-for-Fall wishlist.

After all, it won’t be long now until you’re digging out your own stack of wooly goodness to keep you warm in the coming frosty evenings…

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