Autumn 12: My Favorite Things

by The Artist on September 4, 2012

When the dog bites…when the bee stings…

While The Sound of Music is generally thought of as a holiday occurrence, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little bit of Maria’s advice now and again.  Thinking of your favorite things can get you all revved up and ready to grab Autumn by the brightly-colored leaf-hairs and charge in with pens a-blazin’.

Today’s Assignment:  Make a list of your favorite fall things.

What are you most looking forward to?  I’m partial to brand new mittens and thick wool socks  and stunningly ombre-d leaves and spiced apple cider, myself.  Throw in some pumpkin pie and a day in the kitchen with a bushel of apples and some freshly-baked bread, and I can’t wait for Fall to hurry up and get here.

Either make a traditional list and stick it on in here, or illustrate it, like I did.  Either way.  Whatever you’ve got time for.

This was one of the small pages, by the way.  They’re bound right in, but were scraps, which present a bit of a challenge when you’re working.  I left this one free, with a cutout of a mitten drawing on watercolor paper, stuck right down with loose, flappy edges.  Just for fun, y’know.  You could also stick it down for extra support, or turn it into something else, or use it as a substrate for “tipping in” a whole new page.  There’ll be more of those small pages throughout this book, and I’m hoping to show you about a billion different ways to use them.

So what are your favorite things for fall?

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