Autumn 12: It’s Almost Time!

by The Artist on August 31, 2012

It’s almost September 3rd, y’all!

And with the advent of the AUTUMN 12 series, the Artist thought it’d be a good time to talk about books.

You don’t need anything fancy to do these prompts.

We just want to state that for the record, before we get to pontificating about what we’re doing over this way.  Use your regular journal if you want.  Or loose sheets of paper collected in a box so you can store memorabilia with it, too.  Or a regular ol’ composition notebook that you can get for a quarter at your local discount store.  (We’d recommend, however, if you go this route, to get the spiral bound ones or the sewn-binding ones, rather than the ones that have the micro-perforated sheets.  Those tend to fall out if you get all wild with the glue-stick, unless you reinforce every. single. page. with some kind of tape across the perforations.)

The point isn’t to make your Autumn 12 journal all fancypants and inaccessible.  The point is to play with a little shot of art every day and to have fun doing it.

This past weekend (at the time of this writing), the Artist decided to make a journal or two for this.

This is for two reasons:

1)  The Artist is kind of an overachiever, and,
2) she also has a slight paper-hoarding problem that has resulted in giant stacks and piles of various kinds of papers sitting here, some of them older than most of the monsters.

We’re not even kidding.

So she dug out stacks and stacks of various kinds, weights, and sizes.  Cut them (if necessary) to a semi-regular size.  (which is right around US letter size, for the record.)  And bound them all together with a single-needle coptic binding, which looks nice and impressive, but is really very easy once you poke all the holes.  (Poking the holes takes forever, but isn’t all that hard, either.)  Here’s a fairly thorough tutorial about how to do it, including how to make pretty covers and do the stitching.

As usually happens, one book turned into many.

Bookbinding is just a little bit like eating potato chips.  One is great.  But the whole stack will disappear if you’re not careful.

The Artist ended up making…ahem… seven.  Which tells you two things:  that we weren’t kidding about the overachiever thing, and that it really is  easy to do.  And fairly quick, to boot.

You still don’t need to make your book for this, by the way.

If you don’t have stacks of paper just sitting around awaiting your attention, or you don’t have a lot of time — no journal police will come to call.  We promise.

You have three days left.  Your assignment:

Pick a book, or make one.  Set it aside to be filled (of course) with your brilliance.  (Or set aside a section of your regular journal.  Either way.)

We’ll see you on September 1!

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