Autumn’s Coming!

by The Artist on August 24, 2012

Some of you may remember this summer’s class, In The Sun, put out by Natalie Malik.  In the online class, there were seasonal prompts for enjoying the summer (and documenting it) every weekday, with some weekend challenges thrown in for spice.  The Artist posted a few pages from that class here and here, in fact, and she’s absolutely loved doing a little spot of art every day.  Every morning, before anything else, we checked the In The Sun blog and whipped up a ten or fifteen minute journal page, which doesn’t seem like that much, until you look back over it all — the entire summer, in words and pictures and drawings and collages.

It was awesome.  But it ended at the beginning of August.  (insert sad face here.)

Rather than be sad, though, we decided to DO SOMETHING.

We emailed Miss Natalie and asked her if it was okay to do a little self-challenge and share it with the bloggybits here.  After all, Autumn’s one of our favorite seasons, what with all the leaves changing and the nippy mornings and the smell of bonfires in the air.

We don’t have a catchy name for it yet, but we’ve been putting together a list of the most awesome things about the Fall.  Starting September 3, we’re going to post a page/prompt every day for at least a few weeks (and probably more like through November) as a way for the Artist to keep this daily Making thing going, and to share those ideas with YOU.

You’re invited, then, to play along.

It may seem a little weird now, when we’re all still wearing shorts and eating popsicles in the heat, but here, when September arrives, it starts to move toward Autumn pretty quickly, and you can miss it if you’re not paying attention.  So we’re going to Pay Attention, with prompts and such that may not just be art prompts, but life prompts so you can enjoy things more fully before they’re gone.

After all, life is art.

We’re shooting for every weekday.  There will likely be days that doesn’t happen, depending on technology and other varied craziness.  But for the most part, we’re pretty stocked with prompts for at least a month or two.

So hop back by, and subscribe (if you don’t already), so you can squeeze all the art and living out of this Autumn that you can.  Put on some spiced cider, dust off the woolen mittens, and get ready for a Fall tailgate party of art journally goodness. :)

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