Imaginary Worlds

by The Artist on June 29, 2012

There are a lot of nations we all live in.

The real one, for instance.  And imagiNation.  (Which is where the Artist pretty much lives full-time, obviously, despite physically being in the Cottage-on-the-Plains.)

And if you’re like most of us weirdo artpeople, you’ve probably dreamed up all kinds of craziness over the years.  Imaginary creatures.  Whimsical flora and fauna.  Postcards from nonexistent people.  (The Artist often has full conversations with people who don’t exist.  Ahem.)

So why not take this week to make it a little more Official?

A few years back now, the Artist taught an online class for dreamers and worldbuilders called “Fantastic Journeys”.  In it, each person was able to create, from scratch, their very own Imaginary World, full of interesting scenery and interesting stories.   Some folks went all whole-hog, making up whole planets for their worlds to live in, and some turned tiny terrariums into microscopic universes.

It was, in short, awesome.

While puttering around the internets the other day, we found a link to an official-looking Micronations website.  Apparently, making your own country from scratch isn’t a new idea — there are tons of people making them for all kinds  of reasons.  From “just for fun” to making a political point (one of the declared war on Australia!) to turn their world into a Utopian prototype…a bunch of people have sat down and created whole countries however they want them.

This, my friends, is too good not to Art Up a bit.

We’re scurrying around here trying to find all the pieces-parts for Fantastic Journeys as we speak.  In the meantime, the monsters have an art challenge for you for this weekend:

Think up an imagiNation of your very own.

That’s right:  come up with a name and a location for your world.  Start thinking about what goes on there, and whether it’s truly existing only in your beautiful brain or if it’s somewhere physical.  Who runs it?  What kinds of things live there?  How does it differ from where you are right now?  What’s it look like?

We’ve got a few niftykeen things up our monsterous sleeves (if we wore sleeves, that is) for the coming few weeks that’ll be really fun to play with.

So grab a journal and get to travel-dreaming!

(You can keep it all loose-leaf, too, if you want, in case you want to bind it all later.  Or use a piece of an existing journal to play in.  Or write it on your arms or forehead — we won’t tell.)

This is gonna be fun.


(p.s.  The photo is the official photo of the royal family of Wy, a micronation run by the Serene Family.  It was taken by Samuel Dare Wade, and is just perfect.)
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