Autumn 12: Jewels

by The Artist on October 18, 2012

After all the fluorescent brights we saw in the summer color trends, it’s so nice to be back to a jewel-toned palette.

A few of my favorite fashiony-type places have said the big colors this year are mustard, oxblood (deep red), and plum.  Whew.

Today, make something with your fall colors.

You don’t have to follow the runway trends, of course.  You can do something with your own favorite autumn colors, too.  Try to restrict it to two or three, to give yourself some limits.  Or paint your colors and try to remember something with that color and write about the memories each one evokes.

Just play with color today, and see where it takes you.

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Autumn 12: Bobbing for…

by The Artist on October 17, 2012

Maybe we played the Bobbing For Apples game differently.

We didn’t go for time, or the most apples, or any competitive thing when I was a kid.  We gave the apples wishes, so that if you got one, you’d get your wish.  Everybody won.

Today, make a page of bobbing for wishes.

Talk about bobbing for apples if you’d like.  But make a wish, too.  There aren’t enough wishes in the world.

For my page, I made an envelope (shaped like a bowl) from waxed paper, and stuck it down at the edges.  There’s a slit in it so the apple drawing could fit, and on the back:

A wish.


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Autumn 12: Quilts

by The Artist on October 16, 2012

I can’t sew to save my life.

I’ve injured people sewing.  Not just myself (and there was an incident involving seven stitches and my index finger), but also random passers-by.  (My husband took a broken needle to the cheekbone just for standing too close once.  I’m not kidding about injuring people.)

This, however, doesn’t stop me from loving handmade quilts.

There’s just something about patchwork.  It’s homey and handspun, and each of the little squares tells some kind of story.  I drool over art quilts, and the traditional ones just blow my mind.  I’d love to make one of my own, if it wasn’t a sure recipe for disaster — both for the quilt and my person.

So I did what any reasonable person would do, when this prompt came up on my Autumn list:

I made one out of paper.

Most quilts are largely geometric.  (Or, at least, the traditional ones are.  Art quilts..well, all bets are off.  They’re awesomely creative.)  So they’re easy to translate into paper — just cut squares, triangles, rectangles, or strips…and “piece” them back together with gel medium or a glue-stick.  Easy-peasy, and it looks like you spent way more time on them than you did.  Plus, it can use up all those little bits of paper that you’ve been saving from other projects.  Bonus score!

A few pointers:

* This one, above, is a log cabin-esque thing.  All it is is strips, radiating out from the center.  They can get fairly big fairly quick, so cut a few strips and start playing with placement before you start gluing, or it can take over in a hurry.

*  After you’re done, a final coat of gel medium or other fixative will keep them from pulling up.  Because of the teeny little pieces, turning the pages in your book can cause them to de-adhere.  Or at least they did on my page, until I painted over it with medium.

* Using a thin-nibbed pen to make “stitching” lines makes it look more quilty.  Mine was kind of blah until I added those.

* Add at least one zinger color.  (The peachy-pink plaid in mine, for instance.)  It makes everything kind of “pop”.

Your prompt:

Whether you paper-pieced your own quilt on your pages or drew one in, or collaged in a picture — write about your winter linens.  Or winter linens you want.  Or a favorite quilt you had or saw or wish you could have.

You could even go a step deeper and write about what each of the “patches” are in your life, if  you wanted to.  What pieces make up the quilt of your life?

Now, if I could just figure out how to sew without personal injury….

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Autumn 12: Longer Nights

October 15, 2012

I have to admit something here. One of the few things I’m “meh” about, in regards to Autumn, is the fact that the longer days are slowly sliding toward longer nights and less sun.  I don’t mind the grey days, or the rain, or the sometimes-frosty night hours.  But since I’m really affected by the […]

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Autumn 12: Putting Up

October 9, 2012

A whole lot of my day lately has been putting food in jars. I just learned how to do the whole canning thing, and it’s rare that my evenings (and mornings, and afternoons, to be honest) aren’t spent listening to the sound of boiling water in the canner or waiting for the jar lids to ‘ping’, […]

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Autumn 12: Acorns

October 8, 2012

From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. If you’re lucky enough to live near oak trees this time of year, you’re probably blessed with a plethora of acorns right about now.  Tiny seeds in little hats litter yards, sidewalks, and streets. It’s amazing to think that from that little tiny thing, giant trees are born.  (Plus, […]

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Autumn 12: The Weekend’s Here!

October 5, 2012

It’s another Friday! By now, you know the drill: Pick something off your list and go do it. Bonus points if you journal it when you’re done. I’m heading to the orchard this weekend for sure  (been thwarted the last two weeks by Life), so there’s much appley goodness on tap here. Enjoy your weekend!

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Autumn 12: A Cuppa…

October 4, 2012

Sometimes, even when you start with one idea in mind, another thing altogether happens. That’s what happened with today’s prompt.  I’d intended to talk about hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes, because you always know when it’s heading into deep fall because the Starbucks cups change over to the red holiday cups. Yeah, um. About […]

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Autumn 12: Piles of Leaves

October 3, 2012

Can you believe I’ve never jumped in a pile of leaves? It’s true. Sadly, I had really horrible allergies as a kid, and even being around a pile of leaves was a sure recipe for ending up in the ER, unable to breathe and puffed up like the marshmallow man. So I’d watch all those great […]

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Autumn 12: Fall Flowers

October 2, 2012

The things that bloom in Autumn are less showy than those that explode in the summer. The character’s different.  Petals are fewer or thinner.  Stems are hardier, to stave off the frost for as long as they can.  They bloom quickly, pollinate fast, try to get it all in before the snow flies. Around here, […]

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